1&1 Web Hosting Review – $0.99 per year websites, domains

1&1 web hosting review

1&1 is an affordable Web host that offers rich website-creation tools, solid support, and impressive uptime. It’s our top choice if you need WordPress hosting.

Are you looking for more knowledge about 1&1 Web Hosting? Please read through my honest reviews about 1&1 Web HostingReview before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

1&1 web hosting review

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I have used 1&1 for web hosting for many years. They host 20 Domains for me, and are the registrar for about 14 of them. About half of my sites are WordPress, and of those most were installed using 1&1’s Web Apps installer, the others were uploaded and configured manually. Uptime and reliability has been outstanding. Their pricing is very competitive, and when new pricing models were introduced, they always moved my package to new plans with no hassle and no extra charges.
When support was needed it was always provided quickly. Like many companies today, the first-line support people are not always able to deal with complicated technical issues, but when this was the case, my issue was always escalated and dealt with perfectly.

I’m writing this review mostly because I find all the negative reviews of this company hard to believe. Over the years I have actually accomplished all of the so-called problem tasks, with zero problems. I have cancelled domain. Cancelled entire packages (full refund). Moved domains from one package to another.

I suspect that because 1&1 advertises heavily to people new to hosting their own websites, many people are writing reviews, before they have any understanding whatsoever of the technical aspects of hosting a website. If you are complete noob, and you are reading my review, do yourself a huge favor, and read up on how to manage a website BEFORE you sign up with ANYONE! It isn’t that hard, but it definitely requires a basic understanding of how hosting works.

The only negative in my own experience has been the very limited customization options for Managed WordPress Hosting. The limited number of themes and plugins available make Managed WordPress almost useless. On the other hand, their unmanaged WordPress hosting is fantastic. Of course, an unmanaged WordPress installation means you need to log in to your blog often enough to make sure your theme and plug-ins are up to date.

Features Of 1&1 Web Hosting

Professional features for web developers

Unlimited Hosting webspace – websites – databases
UP TO 50% more speed thanks to SSD databases!
140+ Click & Build Apps
FREE domain included

Optimized packages for WordPress projects

EASY setup
Full SSD for storage and databases
NEW DDoS protection

Powerful performance for every need

Cloud Server: Includes a $50 starting credit!

Superior security
24/7 expert support
300 Gbit/s connectivity

Reach local customers online

Presence in online directories and mobile apps
Be on Google, etc. earlier: immediate, one click listing
Presence in mobile navigation systems

Sell successfully online

Create a new online store that fits your business with just a few clicks
Visible on price comparison sites and online marketplaces
Easy Facebook integration and newsletter distribution

The best advantage of 1&1 is the PRICE, they give the best rates of their hosting.
You get all the best features in it and more important, you don’t need to invest much in order to start a micro niche site.
The control panel is easy and fast.
You get the best bandwidth in the starter plan.
if you do not want to invest much in hosting and have a starting site then it will be best for you.


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