The 5 Best Hosting for WordPress in 2020

If you are running any business, a seamless internet connection and a strong hosting plan are all you might be looking for.  or Virtual Private Server Hosting is a trending technology that proves to be ideal for businesses that need a robust hosting plan. A standard web hosting plan is cheaper and user friendly, but it can be very slow in terms of speed and functionality that is needed by the businesses today. Nowadays, business owners require more than just a basic host, thus  services can be a very intelligent choice. Purchasing a  plan allows you to have authority over the operating system and installed apps along with other settings. 


However, you do need to ensure a seamless internet connection to make the most out of it and for your business to skyrocket. Luckily, this is no longer a problem since there are reliable internet providers likely to be available around you. The real quest is searching for the best one in your area.

When it comes to the best  hosting to opt for, we have gathered here the best  hosting providers in 2020 to help you grow your businesses incredibly. Here is everything you need to know to choose the right one for your business!

What we will tell you in this article


If you are looking for more flexible and cost-effective plans, Hostinger seems to be an appealing option to get a high-quality  hosting service.  Many choices are ranging, where low tier plans provide 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, and up to 1000 GB bandwidth, and high tier plan offering up to 8 CPU, 8 GB RAM, and storage of around 8000 GB bandwidth. 

The plans come at very affordable pricing, where 1 CPU plan usually starts from $3 to $4 per month. The 8 CPU plan costs around $29 to $30 per month. 

Hostinger offer plans that have IPv6 support, a 100 Mb network, along with a dedicated IP. If you face any issue, its extraordinary live chat service is there to assist you round the clock.


Bluehost is another strong and competitive service that offers impressive plans for  hosting. Generally, you have three plans to choose from. The cheapest plan costs nearly $ 17 to $18 per month. You get 2 CPU, 1 TB bandwidth, and an IP address. The top tier plan provides you 4 CPU cores, 3 TB bandwidth, and two IP addresses. It cost around $58 per month. Bluehost also offers 24/7 support in case you encounter any issue. It surely is a provider worth investing in if you want to enjoy a smooth  hosting experience. 

InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting offers smart features and effective plans at cheaper rates. It has better specifications to offer to its users that makes it stand out from the rest. Its Unlocked CPU cores provide an extra boost in performance, especially for tasks that involve a lot of processing. So, if you are looking for some amazing  hosting plans, InMotion has it all covered for you. Once you avail of any of its packages, you are in for some good surprises and safe from any disappointments. It has a dedicated team that provides customers with all the support and assistance they can ask for. 


iPage stands out as being one of the most cost-effective  services that have hosted millions of websites so far. It provides customers with thorough guidelines throughout the creation of the website. 

iPage has proved its worth among customers when it comes to affordability, convenience, and reliability. It also offers advanced customization features and a more flexible cloud-based  service. Migration is flawless along with instant provisioning, so you can scale your website according to your business requirements. Thus iPage provides the flexibility that is a demand for modern businesses these days. 

Liquid Web

Liquid Web might seem a little expensive, but it has a lot to offer for every buck you pay. Offering a wide range of packages with varying RAM and disk space, you can choose among the various levels of management offered that mainly depends on the location of the server. 

The  plans offered by liquid Web can be upgraded quickly and its exceptional customer support service is available 24/7 for customers. The  platform provided by Liquid Web can support as many as five operating systems except for a custom OS. 

Wrapping Up

A great hosting is one of the best ways to make your wordpress site grow and enjoy better storage. The aforementioned  providers have become increasingly popular for bringing forth the best  hosting plans at the most cost-effective rates to meet the needs of your busy sites.