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Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review – Triple Your Clicks With One Simple Plugin

Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review – IM Wealth Builders Ltd.

Covert Action Bar
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With This Simple Plugin You Can Tap Into That Psychology, Grab Your Visitors By The Eye-Balls & Force Them To Click On Any Link You Want!
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Are you looking for more knowledge about Covert Action Bar 2.0 ? Please read through my honest reviews about Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review before selecting it. You really can evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it, surely help you save your time, effort and money for worth things.

Now you know I don’t recommend anything if I don’t think you won’t be able to benefit from it in your business, but WP Covert Action Bar is a new perfect WordPress Plugin and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Did you know that for the past 10 years Microsoft and other big software companies have been brainwashing your website visitors to react in a certain way?

As you no doubt know blogging is one of the most effective ways to generate free traffic these days. Google loves WordPress blogs and with very little effort you can easily rank high and get loads of traffic to your blogs.

But that’s actually great news – because with this brand new WordPress plug in, you can tap into that psychology and
literally force your visitors to click on any link you want! I’ve tested it and my results are through the roof!

Do you want…

Spend hours upon hours painstakingly writing blog post after blog post, with absolutely no guarantee that they will ever generate any traffic, let alone income?


Use a brand new plugin that completely changes all that – by sucking your visitors in and literally forcing them to click on any link you want.

Hopefully you picked the last option, as that is the one that will make the most of your time and earn you the most

And that is just what the new Covert Action Bar 2.0 Plugin does.

In the next few moments, you will discover the details of this product.

Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review

The WP Covert Action Bar 2.0
  1. Covert Action Bar 2.0 Overview
  2. What is Covert Action Bar 2.0?
  3. The features of Covert Action Bar 2.0 
  4. Why Should You Get Covert Action Bar? & right now
  5. Conclusion – Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review

Hope my Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review have many useful information for you!
Thanks for reading!

Curious about the product?  You should check out the Official Website first: Click to Image


I. Covert Action Bar Overview

Product Name WP Covert Action Bar 2.0
Creator IM Wealth Builders Ltd.
Launch Date Apr 25th, 2017 at 11:00am EDT
Price Range $7 – $37
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Categories Software » WordPress » Bar,Plugin,Wordpress
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Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended

What is WP Covert Action Bar all about ?

Covert Action Bar 2.0 REVIEW

WP Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review – show you what Covert Action Bar is all about and why it converts as well as it does:

Everyone hates pop-ups and every single browser out there from Internet Explorer to Fire Fox and Chrome have in-built pop up blockers now (and have had for 10+ years)

Sure there are still pop up ads all over the web – but the savvy advertiser have moved on to using various pop-unders and other stuff that does not get blocked.

I’m sure you’ll recognize the result…

90% of the pop ups your browser blocks are actually stuff you want to see!

For the past 10 years we have all been conditioned to pay attention to those bars!

We know that we missed out on something

We know that the bar contains information on what was blocked

And know that there is something to click so we can unblock the pop up if we want to

And lets be honest – since mostly good stuff is blocked these days, every time you get one of those pop up blocker message you notice and you go to see what was blocked – everybody does!

Covert Action Bar 2.0 takes advantage of this and makes it super simple to add bar ads that mimic the pop-up blockers to your blogs…Really, Covert Action is the world’s first pop-up blocker style ad builder for WordPress. And it makes it point and click easy to build profit pulling ad bars in seconds.

The Covert Action Bar plugin is the easiest and most effective way to monetise any WordPress blog.

It will automatically add pop-up blocker styled ads to any WordPress blog – raking in clicks, sales and commissions on complete auto pilot!

Watch ‘Covert Action Bar 2.0 ‘ Demo Video To See Details


III. The Features of Covert Action Bar 2.0

New Features In Covert Action Bar 2.0:

IM Wealth Builders continuously support all of their products (at no extra cost to existing members) and this plugin has already gotten several updates over the last 4 years, keeping it up to date with all the new developments.

The new version 2.0 of has been completely overhauled and updated for 2017… it’s now fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

This 2.0 version is also the result of a lot of feedback and requests from members, the new features include a lot more option for customising the look and functionality of your ads (colour changes, open and close buttons, ability to not show ads on tablets and phones… and much more.) plus simplified interface with better tutorial videos right where you need them, when you need it.

How Covert Action Bar Works & How It Uses Deep Rooted Psychology To Almost Force People To Click Your Ads!

First of all the Covert Action Bar is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin. That means the software will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

After you have installed and activated the plug in (only takes a few seconds) you will see a plugin admin panel like this…


As you can see you can…

Write any text you want on your Covert Action Bar. You can even use HTML to make text bold, use different colors and lots of other effects

You can link your Covert Action Bar to any page you want. Affiliate links, CPA offers, your own sites etc.

You decide if the link should open in the same or a new window when people click your Covert Action Bar.

Choose if you want your Covert Action Bar to display only on the front page of your blog, or on all pages and posts.

Show your Covert Action Bar immediately, or set any delay in seconds you’d like
And in just a couple of minutes you can have a Cover Action Bar live on your blog.

It will look like a normal pop up blocker notification from Internet Explorer – It will even play the same familar sound!

Your visitors will instinctively be drawn to the bar to see what was “blocked”

And then you will have a fully clickable ad there looking something like this…


In fact, real test have proven that Covert Action Bar Gets More Clicks & Better Conversions Than All Other Ad Forms Combined.


  • On a review blog – make a Covert Action Bar that offers a discount but tell them it was blocked. Then ask them to click the link to claim their coupon! This is the highly effective strategy.
  • Offer a freebie related to the content on your block. Make it seem like the download was blocked and ask them to click in order to grab it (then link your squeeze page).
  • Use the same technique to link to CPA offers related to your blog. They won’t click your banners, they have seen them all before. But they will click your Covert Action Bar and you can start counting the $$$!

And of course much more…There are literally hundreds of different ways to use this plug in

The only thing that’s certain is that…

It will get people’s attention & they will click on your ad!

I recommend that you check it out now – it’s really good – and you’d want to get in before the price soars too high!

IV. Why Should You Get Covert Action Bar 2.0 Now?

  • This software surely helps thousands of business owners like me and you get better results with our marketing. And most importantly, earn more income with less effort.
  • This revolutionary plugin will triple your the clicks from your blog by compelling people to click on any link you want. But, it does a whole lot more than that.
  • Even though this plugin is super simple to use – It’s still more powerful that any other ad format you have ever tried on your blog.
  • This amazing new plug in is available at a special launch discount right now, and it’s still dirt cheap!However it is on a dime sale and the price is going up with every order! Why pay more tomorrow – when you
    can grab it at the discounted price now?
  • There is NO risk here. You have a FULL 45 days to test-drive Covert Action Bar and make sure you’re 100% satisfied. If not, just let him know, and he’ll get you a refund.
  • More and more…

So undoubtedly this makes Covert Action Bar a top choice for all the marketers like you and me to Triple Your Clicks With One Simple Plugin!

Repeatly, The price is going up with every sale. If you wait and come back later, you’ll end up paying more for this.

So what are you waiting for? Why pay more tomorrow – when you can grab it at the discounted price now?


V. Conclusion – [Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review]

Now you can click below link to purchase Covert Action Bar 2.0 with early price $6.40 . This price will increase many times after few hours. So do not miss this opportunity!. Also, Try It Out For 45 Days Risk Free. When you purchase Covert Action Bar, 100% Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. If you don’t feel satisfy of this product within the first 45 days, you can refund . Nothing to lose! What are you waiting for? Get & Try Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review today right now and Claim “ Covert Action Bar Bonuses” . If you download Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review by Infactreview.com you will get Free Bonus.

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Thanks for reading my Covert Action Bar 2.0 Review

Hope see you the next time!

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