Gaming on a Budget PC - The Best Gaming Desktop Under 500

Gaming on a Budget PC – The Best Gaming Desktop Under 500

Nowadays, it’s possible to get a good gaming PC with your 500 dollar budget. The best ones on this list have basic hardware that you need to play decent games. And some gaming PCs can also be used as a workstation or for multitasking.  

But of course, the graphics can be vivid and all but it’s not going to be a stellar experience. You might need to upgrade it to get the five-star experience. But hey, if you can play decent games with vivid graphics for your 500 dollars, it’s quite a steal.

HP Pavilion 590 -p0030 ($499)

The HP Pavilion 590-p0030 has the most decent specs and features on the list. Who would’ve thought that you can get an impressive speed with a gaming desktop under 500 dollars?

This budget gaming desk lets you do multitasking too. It has 16 Gb memory and an Intel Core i5. It’s great for streaming movies and other entertainment. It can also provide a decent experience for gaming, though if you want to play demanding games, you’d have a better experience if you’ll buy a higher GPU.

The HP Pavilion 590-p0030

It pretty much has all the basic hardware specs that you need to be able to have decent gaming experience.

It also features ample USB ports. And it also has Bluetooth connectivity that can supplement your gaming. But the main advantage of this gaming PC is that it’s quite fast.

In terms of the design, only a few get excited over it. But I love how small and compact it is. The design is very subjective though. And the panels need a screwdriver for you to be able to access the internal parts of your computer. This might be a hassle for some people who are looking for a toolless gaming desktop. Though it’s just a single screw, so again, it’s subjective.

It also has a simple design and set up is a breeze. Even those who are not technologically inclined will be able to get it set up. The instructions are easy and very straightforward.

Overall, it’s one of the best mid-range options where you can do more than just basic computer tasks. It can provide a decent gaming experience but don’t expect it to be grand. 


  • Quite fast
  • Small and compact
  • Silent
  • Easy to set up
  • Allows for multitasking
  • Great for streaming videos, movies, and other entertainment
  • Has several USB ports
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • The internal power supply does not allow for an extra hard drive

HYSTOU P05B Desktop Computer ($440)

It’s another gaming desktop that is equipped with the basic features for decent gaming. 

The speed isn’t the fastest. But the 2.5GHz-3.10GHz is decent enough considering its price points size. And as with other gaming desktops under 500, it’s best to install a GPU to get the best graphics for demanding games. 

Though the graphics are great enough for streaming and watching videos. You might find it lacking if you‘re a game master.

The memory is 4 Gb, so again, basic. You can gain a more pleasurable experience if you upgrade it to 8 Gb. so it’ll have more storage for storing cool games. 

What I love the most about this brand is how compact and small it is. It’s very easy to transport. And albeit its small size, it can still give you decent gaming experience. Moreover, you only have to worry about thermal problems. It has a fanless design that’s great at heat dissipation.

HYSTOU P05B Desktop Computer

The built and exterior of the chassis is quite durable too. Though the design isn’t anything fancy. And if you’re looking to lower your utility bills, this mini gaming desktop is quite energy efficient. It’s powered by DC12V 5A, so it will consume less energy than the competition.

In a nutshell, it’s perfect for those looking for a very compact yet decent gaming desktop,


  • Silent
  • Has a fanless cooling system
  • The strong build of the chassis
  • Compact and small
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost-efficient


  • Only 4 Gb memory

Dell PowerEdge T30 ($500)

If you’re looking for more storage, a compact gaming desk that can give you a decent gaming experience, the Dell PowerEdge T30 is a great option. Though keep in mind that you still need to get a higher GPU to get the most desirable gaming experience.

There’s a lot to love about this mini gaming desktop. First off, its chassis is a mini-tower. Its slim profile would occupy a very small space in your desktop or office table.

Dell PowerEdge T30

In terms of power, you can expect more from Dell. It’s powered by the Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 which delivers 3.3GHz of power. And I think one of the most desirable features of this affordable gaming desktop is that it offers over 16 Gb worth of memory. Most gaming desktops that are under 500 dollars usually have 4 Gb or 8 Gb the most. So you’re in for a real treat here. It also has 2 TB of space, so that’s more room for a lot of games. 

It’s also easy to transfer applications from other desktops so you can consolidate all the apps that you need for your workstation. 

In terms of design, it’s sleek and black so it fits a minimalist room. And the side panel is easy to open. So you readily access the chassis in case you need to do some add ons.  

Overall, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a compact gaming desktop that has a ton of storage. 


  • Easy to use
  • Chassis is easy to open
  • Has a large memory
  • Sleek design
  • Has a lot of ports


  • The cooling fan isn’t sufficient

iBuyPower ARCB 108A Enthusiast Gaming PC ($499.99)

One of the main advantages of this affordable gaming desk is that you can play games with good graphics quality. 

Another advantage is that the casing is rather huge. It feels like you can put almost anything in it. This can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your space requirement. You also wouldn’t encounter any thermal problems, or waking people up in your house when you’re playing at dawn. It keeps cold and is relatively quiet too.

iBuyPower ARCB 108A Enthusiast Gaming PC

In terms of speed, it can drive 4.1GHz, quite decent, and acceptable for its price range. It also offers a lot of connectivity options such as USB ports and HDMI.

In addition, it features a 12 Gb memory and an AMD Ryzen 3, which makes it quite powerful for its size.

Overall, it’s a pretty powerful gaming desktop that can give you vibrant graphics.


  • Stays cool
  • Functions quietly 
  • Free lifetime support
  • Good vivid graphics
  • Easy to set up
  • Option to add on tempered glass panels with RGB lighting
  • Comes with a mouse and keyboard
  • Has a lot of ports


  • Does not have a CD drive

iBUYPOWER AM005A Gaming Computer Desktop PC ($432)

The iBUYPOWER AM005A Gaming Computer Desktop PC comes in complete with all the gaming hardware that you’ll need. 

In terms of the design, I love the modern tower that features sharp and angled edges. It looks futuristic and can enhance your gaming experience. Both side panels are made of tempered glass, so you can see the internal parts of your computer. 

The fans consist of a red accent light, which can amp up the ambiance. You’ll also find that the tower has more room for whatever you want to install in it. It also allows for multitasking without the unit overheating.

The main advantage of this brand is its fast graphic cards. It features NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 with a memory of 2 Gb. So you can play your favorite demanding games with vivid graphics. 


  • Easily upgradable
  • Comes with a mouse and keyboard
  • Has a modern and futuristic design
  • The chassis has a lot of room for add ons
  • Stays cool


  • May encounter issues with the WiFi


The best gaming desktops on my list are perfect for beginners who want to venture into the realm of gaming. It can provide you with a decent or even desirable gaming experience with some upgrades. And that’s still within your budget.