how to download Peacock on Firestick

How to download Peacock on Firestick

What is Peacock TV?

It’s a relatively new streaming website that was just launched last July 15, 2020. It’s owned by NBCUniversal. And as such, Peacock TV features content from NBC Universal Studios and other third-party content providers.

So you can expect a massive collection of movie hits and TV dramas. And since it is a relatively new streaming service, it is not yet available on the Amazon app store. But fret not you couch potato, you can still enjoy iconic shows and movies! We’ll show you how to download Peacock TV on your Firestick.

Step by  step guide to download Peacock TV on Firestick

To gain access to the Peacock TV app, we are going to use the TROYPOINT rapid app installer. This gives you access to more than hundreds of popular apps, even the ones that are not yet available on the Amazon app store.

So here are the steps.

  1. To download the TROYPOINT app, head over to We’ll install the app first.
  2. Hover through your settings. Click the MyFire TV, then you’d see options in a drop-down dialog box. Look for Developers Option and click on that.
  3. Turn on the Apps from Unknown Sources.
  4. Go back to Home. Then hover through the Search icon and look for the Downloader. We will be installing the downloader first. This will make it possible for us to sideload the Peacock TV app.
  5. Now go to Apps and Channels, and you’ll see Downloader with a big orange icon. Click on it. It will take you to the downloader’s page. Then click download. This will install the downloaded application.
  6. Click open once it’s done. Now if you’re using an older Firestick model, there will be a message box that will ask you to allow the downloader app to access photos and media on your device box. Click. Then click OK.
  7. But if you have a newer version of the Firestick TV, you will not be able to see this. 
  8. This will take you to a page with a URL box. Now click the up button on your remote. Then drag your cursor into the URL box. Click the Okay button on your remote to access the keyboard.
  9. Type And this will always direct you to the most stable version of the Peacock TV application.
  10. Click the Go button. Then click Install.
  11. After the Peacock TV app has been installed in your Firestick, click Done. Then click Delete. Since it is already installed, we don’t have any use for the installation files anymore so you can delete them.
  12. Then click Delete again. So you’re now using the downloaded application. Click the Back button on your remote until it exits out of the app.
  13. Click the Home button on your remote. Then add the Peacock TV app to the front of your list of Apps and channels for easy access.
  14. Click the See all button, then move all the way to the right.
  15. You will be taken to a page that shows all the apps and channels that are installed in your Firestick.
  16. Move the button and hover over to the Peacock TV shortcut. Click the Menu button on your remote. It will show options on your screen. Then click Move. 
  17. Then use the arrows on your remote to move the Peacock app to the top or wherever you want to place it. 
  18. Then go back to the home screen. Then you’ll see that the Peacock app is already on the frontline of your app list. 
  19. Now we need to go over some settings. Currently, Peacock TV blocks most VPNs. And if you try to access it with one, you will be denied.
  20. Thus, we suggest the use of IPVanish VPN. You can bypass the VPN through split tunneling. So you do not have to change the settings every time you want to watch something on Peacock TV.
  21. And here’s how. Click the disconnect button if your VPN is currently running. Move over to the right and click the settings icon in the top right-hand corner. Move down and click split tunneling. 
  22. Hover through the selection then tick the checkmark next to the Peacock TV app. This will bypass the VPN connection.
  23. Then click Back. Then connect back to your VPN by clicking Connect.
  24. Click the Home button on your remote. Then you can now launch Peacock TV.
  25. Now you have to sign up by typing in a valid email address and nominating a password.
  26. You can do this on the Firestick TV. Just click on the yellow button that says Sign up to start watching. Then a verification email will be sent to you, click on it.
  27. Then log into your Peacock account through a browser on your tablet, PC, or phone. There, you will be given options to upgrade to Peacock TV’s premium plans. 
  28. Now that you have registered for a Peacock account in your browser. You have to sign up to activate it. 
  29. Click sign in and input your email address and password. Then click the Continue button.
  30.  You also have the option to activate it on your phone by clicking on the button labeled Active on your phone. This can be found in the left-hand corner.
  31. Once you have signed in, you’ll be directed to Peacock TV’s homepage. You will see several movies and TV shows in different categories.
  32. What’s also unique is that it also features a few live channels in the Channels category.
  33. These steps also work for the FireTV cube.

Can you watch Peacock TV without downloading

If you are located in the US, it’s pretty easy to watch on Peacock TV. if you do not want to download it. You can easily go to the Peacock TV website then you can sign up for a free account. 

Free? Yes, you can gain access to several movies and TV shows on Peacock TV. Sometimes, you do not even need to verify your email address. But if you want to get more of the website’s massive collection, subscribing to Peacock TV is the next option. 

It would run around $4.99 dollars for a monthly subscription. But If you want to watch ads for free, it can cost you as much as $9.99 per month.

Can you watch Peacock TV abroad?

While it’s very easy to subscribe to even the free Peacock streaming service if you are in the US, it’s not the same case if you’re living outside the States. Even if you are located in Canada or the UK, you will not be able to access this streaming service.

However, if you have a VPN service, you will be able to switch your location to the US. the streaming website will then allow you to access their services.  

But there is still a bit of limitation here. If you don’t own a US credit card, you will not be able to sign up for the premium account of Peacock TV. Even if you change your location, this is still not possible.

However, you might be able to enjoy tons of movies and TV shows with your free Peacock account.