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Hp monitor stand review – Quite an Ergonomic Stand

Hp is well known for its computer, monitor, and laptops. Though when you purchase a computer, it often comes with a monitor stand. But you will also be able to purchase one separately. But an HP monitor stand won’t immediately pop up in your mind when you are looking for one, since the brand is more known for its computers

Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s monitor stands. I heard they’re quite ergonomic so they deserved to be featured!

HP Hot Desk stand ($188)

Great Quality control

The Hot Desk stand sits at the mid-tier range. It’s not cheap but it’s not super premium like the ProStand from Apple. Well, everything is inferior if we are going to compare it to an apple monitor stand. So going back, I find the Hot Desk worth the buy. Compared to other more affordable brands, there are not any issues with quality control. 

All customers will get the same unit like the ones advertised on the brand’s page. There are no missing parts, no misaligned holes, or whatsoever. Users have not yet experienced this kind of issue. So, yeah, quality assurance is at its best. 


This is also one of the features that most customers liked, I included. You have an option to upgrade it to a dual monitor by adding another arm. So your upgrade won’t cost as much. 

Flexible and adjustable

It functions as a monitor arm but it’s a monitor stand. So you get the ease of having to be able to change the orientation of your monitors. You can also tilt it up and down. And you can pull it towards or away from you so you get a ton of different angles and positions perfect for any work setup. Or if you need to access charts vertically, you can reposition your monitors to a portrait instead.

Neat cable management system

The cable management system is also impressive. All the cords and cables are well hidden. You can connect the cords to the ports that are encased on the bottom of the stand. So it’s hidden from plain sight. And even if you’ll use it for a dual monitor setup, it won’t look cluttered.

Easy setup

If you don’t want to bore holes into your lovely desktop, you have an option to clamp iron your desk. At first, I was hesitant, especially if I’m going to mount my two 24 inch monitors on each arm. But it did hold up pretty well. And it doesn’t feel as if it’s going to break away every time I reposition the monitors. Just ensure that you have the screws tightly attached.

Some qualms

The HP Hot Desk stand is very functional and even has similar functions to the really expensive Apple ProStand. But of course, certain aspects could have made this a lot better.

The instruction manual was kind of a pain to understand and you would be better off following tutorial videos on YouTube. Though it isn’t really hard to set up, the manual is just hard to comprehend. It seemed like it’s not in layman’s terms. Or it was directly translated from a different language to English, hence difficult to understand.

But once you’ve watched the videos, you’re going to find it easy to assemble. And it has tons of tutorial videos on Youtube, so you can choose the one that’s easiest to follow for you

HP Adjustable Dual Display Stand ($84.99)

Flexible and adjustable

This HP adjustable monitor stand is quite flexible and ergonomic. You can change the orientation of the monitors should you need to access charts or data analysis. And you can rotate monitors separately too. Take note that there are no horizontal adjustments. 

And oh, it’s also quite versatile. It can also accommodate notebooks which can be connected to a docking station.

Solid and sturdy

This Hp monitor stand can accommodate a 24“ monitor on each arm. I find it pretty sturdy, there are no wobbling or shaking issues. It’s built solid as a rock. 

Some  qualms

The unit was strong, sturdy, and pretty ergonomic. But it can be an issue for you if you have a small space on your desk to spare. Take note that this unit may have a bit of a larger footprint. And it might take up almost half or even more space on your small desk. So if you’re looking for a compact one, this might not be for you.

And if you stand 6’2” or higher, this monitor stand won’t be able to go high enough for your needs. Some users who didn’t want to return the product just opted to get some sort of platform to place under it. And since the unit is solid and does not wobble, that little platform tweaking worked for them. 

As for the design, it’s not for all. Some users love the empty square space in the middle. They can place phones or their keys. But some users find the big square a bit awkward. So the design is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, it doesn’t have a separate height adjustment for each monitor.

HP Stand Kit for the HC241 Monitor ($105.99)

Healthcare edition

This Hp stand kit looks sleek, pristine, and clean. Well, it’s a healthcare edition so it’s easier to clean compared to other monitor stands. You just need germicidal wipes and it’s good to go. But apart from this unique feature, this monitor stand can also be quite ergonomic.

Adjustable and ergonomic

If you’re looking for a monitor stand that has more ergonomic and adjustable features, this HP monitor stand is highly recommended. You can easily adjust the height of the stand. It also features tilt options, a swivel, and you can also reposition your monitors to portrait. 

Some qualms

This is a sweet and steady unit. I just wished it could be used with other monitors. But this unit is just specifically designed to support HP V14. So if you have one, you’ll find this monitor stand quite useful and comfortable. 

HP Compaq LA2205wg monitor stand ($129.99)

Ergonomic and adjustable

The monitor stand for Compaq LA2205wg is quite ergonomic and adjustable. You can change the height of the stand. It can also be tilted up and down. And the sweetest of all, you can rotate it up to 90 degrees. But you might need to tilt the monitor first before you can fully rotate it. This allows you to have a portrait view of your monitor. It can be very useful when viewing chat groups or vertical charts.

Sleek and simple design

Like the HP Compaq LA2205wg monitor, the stand is also straightforward and basic. It has a matte black finish that boasts of a minimalist design and structure. It also has a small decent space in front where you can place your keyboard when it’s not in use. You may also use it to hold your keys, mobile phones, or other small items.

Some qualms

The monitor stand is one of the most impressive features of the Compaq LA2205wg, but of course, it’s designed to be used for that specific model alone.

HP Adjustable Height Stand ($149)

Ergonomic and fully adjustable

If you have a ProOne 400 G2, 400 G3 monitor, you’ll find this Hp stand rather useful. Like the other products on my list, you’d be able to find a comfortable working spot with these ergonomic features.

One, the height can be adjusted, it can also accommodate those who are a bit taller. It can be tilted from -5 to 20 degrees. So that’s quite a good and decent range. And I also find it to hold pretty well. You won’t find your monitors dangling when you lift it to the maximum 360-degree tilt position.

Two, you can reposition the monitors to a portrait view. It can be rotated up to 90 degrees. And it also has a 180-degree pan. Quite sweet, right?

Sleek and pristine

The silver finish of this monitor stand looks rather pristine. And you can also get it in black. It has a very small footprint so it won’t eat up too much space on your desk.

Final say

The HP monitor stands on my list are quite ergonomic and adjustable. These monitors stand are straightforward and simple, but you can find them rather convenient and versatile. 

These function almost like a monitor arm but without the robotic arm like structure. If metal arms do not appeal to you, these Hp monitor stands are a great option. You can enjoy “almost “ the same functionality with those of a monitor arm, but less the robotic reach.