LG UltraWide WQHD IPS Monitor review

LG UltraWide WQHD IPS Monitor review & best Alternatives

This LG monitor is quite massive. It features an extra-wide and curved monitor that is rather pretty immersive. So let us not further delay, we will be listing the things that we loved as well as the things that really did not impress us.  

And we do need to answer this concern. Since this is an extra-large monitor, then it must be perfect for gaming, right? We will discover that soon.

Nifty features to love

  1. Needles to say, this monitor can lend you an immersive experience. The screen is wide and curved. The sides are almost rimless so it kind of gives the illusion of continuity. And this can amp up your productivity when working.
  2. This monitor is perfect for those who work and need more space on the monitor. For work, it is very handy when it comes to multitasking. You have the option to open a lot of tabs with the extra-large screen without it being too cramped or crowded. 

So it’s easier to work on charts, graphs, and those with smaller fonts. When we sat on the computer and worked on some surveys and charts, we totally forgot where we were. So even if this is situated in your home office, it can still exude an office vibe. 

And we felt that this is important and can amp up your productivity. The problem with some WFH scenarios is that it is constricted and everyone gets bored when working with a standard size monitor. And let us tell you, this will make you feel giddy and happy to work on charts and all. And of course, this is also immersive when used for watching movies and Netflix marathons. 

Grab a bag of popcorn and chips and the viewing pleasure is to the roof. Since the edges are curved, you will feel like you are immersed in the scenes rather than just watching them. So this is a must-have if you want to recreate the cinema scenario for your Netflix nights.  

  1. In terms of multitasking, this monitor is king. This is suitable for those who work with a lot of windows open. You still be able to see everything so it can make your life easier and your work faster.
  2. The stand is a great addition. And it’s also easy to use and adjust. So you have your monitor at a decent height from the desk.

What can be improved

After the good stuff, it’s time to move on to the not-so-good ones or those that we are hoping can be improved with an upgraded version.

  1. In terms of eye strain, this monitor is moderate. If you’re going to work for the entire day in front of the computer, you can feel a bit of strain on the eyes. So those who are sensitive to lights may not be able to have it last in the form of this monitor for more than 5 hours. Remember, this is a very huge and curved monitor. So you will be kind of surrounded by a big screen. And eye strain is of primary importance, especially for screens this large. The best alternative for those with photo-sensitive eyes will be the Asus 4K monitor. Alternately, you can outfit your monitors with an anti-glare screen. But you have to be careful in choosing. Some screens can render the screen a bit blurry.
  1. You can use the LG app where you can supposedly split the screen. But we find this not something to look forward to. It doesn’t necessarily split the screen into two, it will not create two monitors. Rather, it creates two sections. So you will not be able to maximize each section. And if you do, it will eat up the entire space on the monitor. So not everyone will be able to appreciate the split-screen function on the app. Though it can do for online schooling,
  1. As much as we want a big screen for gaming, this monitor is just not that suitable for playing games. Yes, the screens are extra wide. And yes, it can give you an immersive experience. But the monitor only has a 60 Hz response time, which is quite slow. So even if you have a good quality image card, screen tear is inevitable.
  2. Apart from the low 60 Hz, it does not have any built-in speakers. So that’s another bummer if you are looking to play games, especially high-end titles with this monitor. 
  3. For the controls, there isn’t any shortcut to adjust the setting of the screen such as the contrast and brightness. You still have to hover through the settings.
  4. The monitor stand is decently ergonomic, but it doesn’t pivot. So there is still a limitation of movement there. 


  1. You might still be able to play games with this extra-wide monitor, but not the high-end titles. And despite having very clear graphics it will be blurry and grainy for play because the response time is rather slow. There will be screen tears. So this can still be decent for casual gamers, but never for the seasoned gamemaster. Also, for its price range, beginners might opt for this one too.
  2. The viewing angle of this motor is impressive. Aside from the extra-large screen, it is curved and leaning towards the front. So it will give you a deeper view and it’s quite immersive. 
  3. It is perfect for multi-taking and editing. You will be able to see everything, even your timelines. This will make your job easier, faster, and of course, more enjoyable. If you have another smaller window on the side, you’ll still have a lot of space to work with. 
  4. This Is also perfect for online classes. You can have half of the monitor open up to your zoom class. Then have the other half with your homework, assignments, and other docs you need for the day. 
  5. The monitor is pretty lightweight for its size. So you’ll easily be able to mount it on the monitor stand on your own. The monitor stand that it comes with is also easy to use. You do not need to put force when moving it up, down or when readjusting the tilt. 
  6. It has a lot of ports. And you can easily hook it up with your MacBook Pro. And the monitor is also handy for charging your laptops.

Top 3 Best Alternatives 

  • Asus Designo Curve MX38VC- Best for creatives

This ultra-wide ASUS 37.5 inch monitor is built for creative tasks and duties. It’s also great for video and movie editing. It has very vibrant images and high resolution. You also get to enjoy a wireless charging mat that comes built-in with the monitor. 

The downside is that it is quite expensive. And oh, we were confused as to why it doesn’t have a VESA mount. That is supposed to be standard for all monitors. 

Gaming-wise, it’s perfect for console gaming. But like the LG WQHD, it might not be sufficient enough for PC gaming. But the response time is faster than the LG WQHD.

  •  Dell U3419W- Best Color

Like the Dell U3419W, it also has a USB C port where you can instantly connect your MacBook pro to it. Color accuracy is a bit better too. And unlike the LG WQHD, this DELL monitor is a good choice for split-screen mode. 

On the downside, it lacks HDR support. And it lacks sufficient gaming features that the game master will be delighted in.

Thus, this is a perfect monitor if you’re looking for one that can handle colors pretty well.

  • Asus ProArt PA34VC- Best for gaming

This is a pretty wide monitor that is gaming-centric. So If you’re a gamemaster and looking to maximize all of your peripherals, this is one of the best options. It has a higher than the standard or usual refresh rate. So you can play tons of high-end titles and you don’t have to worry about screen tearing. 

And like the WQHD, the monitor stand is also ergonomic and easy to use. In addition, it can even be swiveled up to 30 degrees in both directions. It’s even more ergonomic than the LG monitor that we have reviewed above. 

It also has impressive color accuracy. So it’s also a great choice for photographers and photo/ video editors. This Is perhaps a monitor that can perform equally impressive for both work and play.

Final Say

The LG WQHD is a perfect wide monitor that can take the place of a two-monitor setup. It’s perfect for video editing, multitasking, and online schooling. But it will not be that enjoyable for steamers and gamers. You will not be able to use all your peripherals and stuff.  

Also, It is a more popular option for creatives compared to the other brands that we have mentioned. It has a more sweet price tag and offers more value for its price.