Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset review

[Review] is the Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset better than Wired Ones?

A wireless headset can give you a lot of perks compared to a wired one. One Of these is the freedom from all the cords and cables. But is it really better than a wired headset? Keep scrolling to find out.

Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset review

Let’s elaborate on the feature that I find worth the buy.


Logitech G Software is very easy to navigate. You just choose the G533 icon and you can hover through the controls easily. And it gives you lots of options to customize the sound. You get to manage the volume of the 7 different points as well. You can also adjust the bass. 

Also, you may even create your equalizer. It lets you dictate the output of the sounds. So if you’re nitpicky about the sounds while you’re playing, you would appreciate this feature. 

The software is also easy to install. You just plug in the USB and download it and you’re good to go. 

Surround sound

I am rather impressed with the sound quality of this headset. The 7.1 surround sound is perfect to level up your gaming experience. Aside from playing games, it’s also perfect for watching Youtube videos or movies on your PC, you won’t miss out on any dialogue with the crisp and clear sounds. 

But here’s a slight concern. I noticed that there is a bit more emphasis on the bass. Though I did not find it too overwhelming, if you’re sensitive to the thump and all, this is one thing to consider if you’re keen on buying this headset.

Design and comfort

You can instantly tell at first glance that it’s a gaming headset. It has a rather big ear cup but the headband is quite sleek. And even if it’s an all-plastic headset, the combination of the matte and glossy black plastic makes this headset look a bit high end. So it can stand out from a sea of generic and cheap-looking ones since it looks rather premium

The ear cups and headband have foam-lined with mesh fabric. The padding isn’t too thick but it’s comfortable enough. And the addition of the mesh material makes it more breathable. You’ll also love the extra big ear cups. It can cover your whole ears without touching them.  

The combination of the mesh material and the size of the ear cups did a lot of good to this headset. It looks stylish and at the same time, it makes it more comfortable. You’ll be able to avoid that burning sensation you usually get if you’re using the headset for prolonged hours.  

The entire headset is made of plastic and has a nice give and flexibility to it. 

Liberty of a wireless headset

A wireless headset gives you more liberty to move. Without the wires, it feels less restricted. And the fewer wires you see on your desk, the better off you are. Sometimes, it can get in the way of enjoying a seamless gaming experience. You don’t have to wrap the wires around the headset for storage. And If you have a dog, you don’t have to worry if Fido will chew on the wires.

Great battery 

It can run uninterrupted for 15 hours. The only time you won’t be enjoying that 15 hours straight is if you forgot to charge it. Or if you’ve been into extreme marathon playing, the battery will deplete faster. Other than that, the battery life is pretty impressive.

What we don’t like

 Weak Microphone

The microphone is a flip-up version. If you’re the type who always misplaces a detachable mic boom, you’ll appreciate this feature. And to turn off the mic, you simply push it up.

But that’s all there is to it. The quality of the microphone isn’t the best. It’s not at par with the other amazing specs of the headset. It has a little bit of bend, but it’s not that flexible. So you can’t get it close to your mouth. 

The material of the microphone is also all plastic. Though there isn’t any issue with the plastic material, it’s just that the one used on this microphone can easily be scratched. I prefer ones that are of a matte finish. They tend to last longer and don’t easily scratch.

Expandable headband can’t go wide enough for big heads

This headset is made of those with smaller heads. If you have a rather big head, you’ll find that the headset is too tight. Even if you extend the band out, it still seems to fit like a baby tee shirt. So that is not comfortable. 

And you’ll not be able to use the headset for long hours because it will pinch your head. It could even give you a headache because it can put too much pressure on your temple and ears. 

Heavy and bulky

One downside to wireless headsets is that all the components are stashed inside the unit itself. So it will make it bulky and heavy. Though I like the wider ear cups since it can cover my ears entirely without touching them, this stuff can have a heft to it. Now some users aren’t comfortable juggling all that weight on their head. So if you are sensitive to pressure points, this headset is not for you. 

Summary of the Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

  1. It’s a good buy for its price range. Given the amazing sound and software that allows you to customize it, it can level up your gaming experience.
  2. Though the sound is pretty impressive, it can have too much focus on the bass. So if you’re not a fan of the thump, you won’t like it no matter how crisp and clear the sound is. So if you’re looking for a headset that has a more balanced blend of sounds, the Steelseries Arctis 7 is a great alternative.
  3. If you want a complete brand ecosystem with all Logitech devices, this headset will complete your setup.
  4. The microphone will be an issue if you’re looking for more flexibility. The entire headset is flexible except for the mic. You won’t be able to hold it closer to your mouth. A great alternative will be the Corsair K70. Though the mic of this headset is detachable, it’s extremely flexible. You can pull it closer to your mouth without encountering any issues. And if you have a large head, this headset will be more comfortable for you. It can expand more than the Logitech so you won’t feel any pressure points. 
  5. If your head easily gets irritated with a snug-fitting cap or you feel pressure on your temples if you’re wearing sunglasses, you won’t find this headset comfortable.
  6. A wireless headset can give you more liberty and flexibility. But keep in mind the hefty weight that comes with it.
  7. Aside from age, this headset is also pretty impressive at playing music. But the downside is, you won’t be able to use your smartphone with this. 
  8. Since it can be bass-heavy, it’s more ideal for use on PCs. So this headset may not be the most versatile. So it’s better to go for a Kingston Hyper Cloud X instead. This headset is quite versatile and can be used across the board. It also has a rather decent price tag.

Is it better than a wired headset

A wireless headset is for you if you enjoy the liberty of having no wires on your desk. And if you love customizing the sound using the software, you’ll find this wireless headset better than wired ones.

But if you don’t like headsets that have some heft to them, you want to settle for wired ones. All the specs of a wired headset are enclaved into the unit itself. That’s why wireless headsets tend to be bulkier and heavier than wired ones. So if you like too much weight on your head and a few pressure points on your temples, this headset is not for you. 

Wired headsets have their advantage. And albeit the more innovative features, it also has disadvantages. You have to weigh these two things carefully before buying one