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9 Must-have smart home devices in 2021

In this day and age, innovation is king. Many people are trading their manual controls with Bluetooth, apps, and Wi-Fi controls. Why not? these devices spell convenience. 

I am listing my favorite smart home devices. Be sure to catch them while they’re still hot.

Lenovo smart frame

You don’t need to photoshop your pictures with the Lenovo Smart Frame. It offers an array of nifty features that you can make a gallery of stunning photos easily.

You can instantly upload images from Google photos or the cloud using an app. And if you don’t have many photos to brag about, you can choose from an array of lovely photos with a customized slideshow. So your living room wall will never be boring again.

Also, it has an ambient light sensor. It will automatically adjust the lighting of the photo to best suit the light of the room it is in. So you can showcase your wedding photo in full color wherever you place it. The downside is, it only comes with a white frame. 

In a nutshell, this is the next generation picture frame. And instead of a flat photo, you can showcase the best moments in your life in full HD color. So if you’re not into collecting photo frames before, this  product will interest you. 

W’air clothing care

This handy machine can make you save on laundry and cleaning costs when you’re traveling or staying in a hotel. If you happen to stain your white sneakers or your shirt needs a little freshening up, you don’t need to call room service. 

W’air is a small cleaning device that also can help you with spot cleaning. So it’s easy to remove small stains from your sneaker or shirt. It can also freshen up lightly used clothes. So you can always smell fresh as if you’re wearing clothes fresh from the laundry.

it’s very useful when you’re traveling. You might forget to stuff in extra clothes. You can still do with a few shirts, all you need is W’air to freshen it up. It uses a burst of air and water to remove dirt and stains. Moreover, it can also eliminate bacteria that cause bad odor. 

This nifty device is also very useful for delicate garments that can’t be washed. It makes spot cleaning very easy. 

BOSMA Aegis smart door lock

This smart lock can protect your smart home quite well. You can mount it on your deadbolt lock, connect it to your phone to and easily lock or unlock your door. It will also let you know if your door is slightly open or if someone tried to barge in. This can be a total lifesaver.

Moreover, you can make a guest list. And the BOSMA smart lock will automatically open the door for them upon their arrival at your door. Quite amazing right? To access your door, it offers two types of methods for locking and unlocking your door. It uses either face recognition or fingerprint methods.

And with the lock connected to a phone app, you can easily customize the settings or change your guest list whenever you want to. It also has an Alexa and Google integration.

Overall, it’s very secure and uses advanced encryption that isn’t hackable. So rest assured that no one will be able to fiddle through your security system. 

Ecobee 4 smart sensor with voice control

This thermostat can adjust the temperature in your home so that it’s the most comfortable for you. It can detect if you’re at home and when you’re not. So you can save energy at the same time. 

It can detect a person’s temperature if he is inside the room and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Thus, It’s best for homes that have several hot or cold spots. No more frosty zones because this device can make every room in your home nice and cozy. It also gives you the liberty to control the temperature by connecting the Ecobee sensor to your phone.

Additionally, this is a perfect smart home product for people who want to upgrade their home thermostat system. 

D-Link DCS-8630LH Spotlight Camera

Equip your homes with a state of the art CCTV camera. You can say goodbye to blurry footages that conceal ruthless peel who are lurking in the dark. You can be sure that it can capture everything, even in the dark.

It’s equipped with a lighted camera, wide-angle lens, and color night vision. You’ll be able to identify people very well as It can function just as great in total darkness.

Moreover, it has an audio function and a built-in siren. So burglars and intruders will think twice before barging into your homes. There will be a commotion in the neighborhood and they will be forced to flee with the 100 dB siren sounding off. So it’s like you’re getting a burglar alarm at the same time.

It can also detect motion, sounds, and the person itself. So there is no more denying who is trying to snatch your parcel at the front door whenever FedEx arrives and you’re not at home.  

Vyrex clear

The Vyrex clear is a medical-grade cleaner. You can clean small items easily and safely. This machine uses UVA and UVC light that can medically clean your personal belongings.

It can get rid of 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria. That’s why it’s also suitable for cleaning all the stuff that your baby uses. Or pretty much anything that can fit into it. Moreover, It’s also environmentally friendly as it’s completely free from mercury and ozone. 

Some UV cleaners are more affordable than this brand. But the thing is they aren’t 100 percent free from mercury. And too much of this mineral can be harmful to your health

 It can also be a 2 in 1 product for your phone. Your mobile phone can capture a lot of dirt, viruses, and bacteria. So there’s no better way to clean it than with a medical-grade cleaner. It’s also very convenient that you can charge your phone whilst it is being cleaned with the QI surface.

Samsung Powerbot R7260 Plus

There are several robot vacuums in the market, but this one is the best for those with pets.

Pets are valuable members of the family. But keeping one or several means more cleanup. With dander and fur flying everywhere, it can take a chunk of your time to clean it. Not to mention, it can stick to the nooks and crannies of the room. Other robot vacuums may not be up to the task.

This robot vacuum, however, has a setting specifically designed to catch the fur. It also has a rather powerful suction that can easily remove pet hair hidden in the corners of your house.

It can also do well on both carpeted and smooth floors. So even if Fido loves to roll on the carpet, let him be. This robot vacuum can catch every strand of fur. Instead of the usual round shape, its front is squarish. This makes it more efficient in reaching the corners of a room compared to round robot vacuums. 

Sobro side table

This side table will change your life.

It functions in ways you never thought a side table will do. One, it has a thermoelectric cooler drawer where you can keep your drinks handy. So do not have to get out of bed to grab a cold bottle of beer. 

Two, it functions as a charging table too. You can charge two devices at a time on the surface of the night table. It also has several ports and outlets at the back. Should you need to charge more devices, this table will indulge you.   

Three, it has a Bluetooth speaker that you can use as your mini sound speaker. Four, it has LED lighting that functions as a night light. Five, it has an intelligent alarm clock. 

And you can control everything via an app. It’s so innovative and such a multitasker. You might think this nightstand came from the future. Because, well, it sure looks like it.

Fibaro wall plug

If you want to monitor your power usage at home, the Fibaro wall plug is a small and handy wall plug that fits the bill. This wall plug has several functions, from the simplest to the most elaborate ones. You might want to have one for all your appliances at home.  

It can function as a regular power outlet that can protect your appliances from electric overload. 

Moreover, This wall plug has a LED ring light, it’s color-coded according to energy usage. So you will know which of your appliances uses the most energy. This feature helps you save money on utility bills. Connect it to a downloadable app and you’ll also be able to see the history of your electric consumption. 

If you have kids who sneak to play Xbox at night, you’d know. The app will let you know when a new device is turned on. So one way to catch the cookie monster with goodies in the hand. 

You can also control your appliances when you’re not at home. Say you forgot to turn off the flat iron. The app will notify you so you can turn it off asap. Moreover, you can also set a timer on when your appliances will turn off. So you won’t wake up in the morning with the television still running. 

Final Say

Are you living in the future already? Not yet, but these smart home devices will make it seem like you do.