[Review] Stablehost – Affordable web hosting with 1.75$ per month for starter

There are million web hosting in the world. And if you heard a name like “stablehost”, maybe you will start research about their hosting

I know you are looking for a great hosting for your website (or maybe you just create a new domain and have no idea about doing after that)

but the great website with over 10.000 visit per day, you don’t need Stablehost. I think if you own a website like that, you always have a team to do all the tasks ( no need to research google & see more about this post)

Frankly, this is a post to clear for the newbie, for the one who just create a new website & have nothing to do with that, or the one who have some domains and have no idea about code, html, plugin, ssl or non-ssl. This is exactly about the post for you, if you are one of them

Ok, let’s get started

I’m talking about the most affordable web hosting in the world, Stablehost with their official website is: https://www.stablehost.com/web-hosting.php

If this is the first time you visit their website, you should take a look at their plan

Stablehost plan

If you have only one domain, you should choose the basic plan with starter: 1.75$ per month. Their price is going to down recently. You should click here to check the price right now (real-time)

If you have more than one, and a lot of websites do not have more than 1000 visit per day, you should choose the Pro plan with 3.75$ per month. The different between the Basic & the Pro plan is, only unlimited domains. That’s it

Take a look at their comparison below to understand more

Stablehost comparison