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Hi everyone

We’re in search of a group of great people to write interesting and informative articles on the hosting, software, them, plugin products & more.

Guidelines For Write for Us

Content: High-quality content with 1500+ words or more. Scannable content, it means the post has been more paragraph, short sentences, multimedia like video, images, infographic.

Please use the conversational stone on your article. It must be. We are trying to find some writers who can get more trust on their tone

NOTE: We will accept the guest post for free if the content >2000 words, related to our categories (Hosting, vps, theme, Office products on amazon).

Link: do-follow link to high-quality websites, not more than 1 external links.

Unique: 100%, it means you have to write your post by yourself & it can not be published on other sites.

Format: All posts should be written in clear, standard American English.

Images: 3-5 large images (send a compressed folder to us via email)

Topic: Software, Hosting, Make money online, Technology, Business, Blockchain.

How to submit an article?

Send your post (include draft post file docx, images) via mail: infactreview@gmail.com with the format:

  • A short intro about yourself (Maximum 60 words)
  • Completed article (Minimum 1500 words)
  • Add “Guest Post” in the subject line.

We hope to see your post in the future and look forward to promoting your valuable work on our website. AND Don’t ask for the guest post without the completed article.

I have to say it again, send your articles after you read this, do not ask before you send us your draft post.

For other people who don’t read this article

Hello for,

Some guys they use tools to find this page

Some guys send email without reading our guideline

Some guys do not use their head

Please do not spam us anymore.

Do not send emails like “Hi, can I ask for a guest post” or “hi, I am a visitor and I see you have a great articles, would you mind if I can ask for a link”